Why do you cost more than some other companies in town?

This is easily the most common question we are asked and honestly, we understand. We know that every couple is on a budget, and also, that weddings can get pretty expensive! That being said, once you understand the reasons why we may cost a bit more, and compare that price difference to the overall cost of your wedding, you will find that the investment in your reception is well worth ensuring that your night is memorable! We are not the cheapest, nor the most expensive DJ company in our market. There are companies that charge half of what we cost, and companies that charge twice as much. So why do we cost more than some of our competitors? The answer is simple, we only hire the most qualified entertainers in the area. We pay these talented individuals as well or better than any of our competitors. As a result, we have almost ZERO turnover on staff, which means your reception will not be in the hands of a “new guy”, but rather one of the best trained and most polished DJ/MCs in our region!

How important is excellent entertainment at a reception?

This one ties into the above question. We strive to be the absolute, hands down, best DJ company in our region, and provide a level of entertainment that no other DJ service can match. Unfortunately, entertainment is often the last vendor chosen, and far too often, the budget left over will not allow for excellent entertainment. We do understand that absolutely everyone is on a budget, and that we might not be the best fit for every couple. But if excellent entertainment is a top priority of yours, and you recognize that your guests will absolutely remember whether or not they were dancing the night away, we are the premium DJ service for you!

So, why are you better than the other DJs in town?

One of the best compliments I have received as the owner was when another wedding professional said, “There are so many bad DJs out there that just don’t get it. You guys get it.” Our DJs are not “over the top” or “cheesy”, and we know that YOU are the star of the show, not us! We will work with you to get YOUR music playlist, and make YOUR night perfect. We don’t need to try and steal the show. As simple as it sounds, we get it!

What is included in your DJ packages and what is the difference between them?

All of our packages include two powered speakers, lighting for the dance floor, our full digital music library (spanning from the 1940s to today's current hits), a wireless microphone for any announcements throughout the evening, and most importantly, one of the most talented DJ/MCs available!
The only difference between our packages is the specific DJ in charge of your reception. With our Standard Package, you will be assigned a DJ 5-8 weeks prior to your celebration. With the Select Package, you are given the peace of mind of knowing exactly who will be your DJ and with our Elite Package, you are guaranteed to have the owner of our company, Quain Tull as the DJ taking care of your celebration!

How would you describe your MC style?

Although we are a varied group of personalities, in general, we share the same MC philosophy. Each of our DJs is trained to welcome your guests, and clearly announce all of the events of the evening. We will make more announcements towards the beginning of your reception (wedding party introduction, who will be giving toasts, etc.), but once the dancing starts, we take more of a back seat.
It seems that almost everyone has seen the DJ that "just won't shut up", or that talks in between every song. We are annoyed by it too, and once the party is started, our job is to keep it going with great music choices and rock solid fades. We don't feel that need to "be/steal the show", and we think your guests will greatly appreciate a break from the obnoxious DJs!

How large is your music library?

Essentially unlimited. If there is a song that you would like at your reception, and we don't already have a copy in our library, we will get one at no additional cost to you.

What is the DJ booking and planning process?

Once you decide that Rockstar DJs is the best fit for your reception, we only require the $300 deposit and signed agreement to be returned to us. Once both are received, you will receive an official confirmation email and login information for our online planning program.
During the planning process, we are always here to help and your DJ will be reaching out about a month before your reception to begin running over final details.

What lighting do you bring?

Each of our DJ packages include LED lighting to create a fun atmosphere around the dance floor. Our display is bright enough to help get people dancing, without being obnoxious or looking like we are setting up for a rock concert.
We also have additional uplighting and decor packages available. Let us know what you envision at your reception, and we will help you create the perfect ambiance!

Can we pick our own music?

Absolutely! This is your big day, not ours, and we are there to help create your perfect reception! You can pick as many or as few requests, favorite artists or genres as you would like.

Do you take song requests from guests?

This one is completely up to you. We prefer to do so, as it helps your guests get actively involved in your reception. If your main reservation is that one of your guests may request a terrible song, keep in mind that the DJ will still use his common-sense filter to determine which requests are played.

In case of emergency, do you have backups?

We have both! We never fully book solid on either DJs or equipment, so that we are always prepared for the unexpected. Hopefully, we will never need our on-call manager, but he will be there regardless, just in case.

What is your return policy and privacy policy?

In order to process payments through our merchant services account, we must clearly present both our return and privacy policies on our site. As we are a service-based company, with no product to "return", here they are:
Return policy: We train hard and work hard to make sure every single detail of your celebration goes according to your plan. If anything is ever less than satisfactory, we want to know and will make every reasonable effort to make things right.
Privacy policy: We collect our clients' contact information for the sole purpose of contacting them to plan their celebration via our online planning website. We never sell or distribute any contact information to any other third party. Honestly, we don't even know how to do so, and we see no reason whatsoever to compromise our clients' privacy.